Letter to the Editor: Next step is to combat sun’s effects

Next step is to combat sun’s effects

I have come to a new awareness that we really have global warming, and nowI know what is the singular most significant major contributor to this climatic change. As a result, I have a quick and fairly simple solution to this warming catastrophe.

On a few recent days, the sun was nowhere to be seen. The clouds were thick and the light was diminished by about 30 percent. Did you notice it got really really cold? Do you remember it gets colder every day that we have thick clouds?

Ha! It isn’t the emissions that are causing warming. The real culprit is the sun!

Think about it! The closer we get to the sun every year, the warmer it gets. When the sun doesn’t shine it gets colder.

We need to do something about the sun.We can create more clouds. We can put up artificial shades. We can plant shade trees (oh, yes, trees also eat CO2 and that would be helpful too).

Or maybe we could send up a bomb of some kind and take a piece out of the sun to turn it down a little. Then things would cool off.

It might lead to another ice age, but then the polar bears would like that.

The really sad thing is that some liberal, scientifically challenged legislator is likely to take my suggestion and try to act on it.