Letter to the Editor: Hull Overpass repair long overdue

Hull Overpass repair long overdue

How ridiculous can our government get?

In Tuesday’s Clovis News Journal, 16 people were shown participating in the groundbreaking for the Hull Street overpass.

Our question to the state government is this: Why was it necessary to even have a groundbreaking?

This overpass was built decades ago with taxpayer dollars and for decades road taxes have been collected for repairs or replacement.

Businesses in the area of Hull Street have suffered the last year and a half because of the closing of the overpass.

We feel someone was asleep at the wheel because this overpass should have been inspected and repaired a long time ago without it having to be shut down.

Why should we even have to lobby to get this overpass repaired?

Road taxes are for this purpose — to repair and replace.

Where were the inspectors before this overpass was closed?

We feel they sure weren’t doing their job.