Season bringing out spirit of community

By Clyde Davis: Local columnist

The excitement among small people is building to a level that is almost unbearable, as the day of Christmas draws closer.

In homes like ours, where Santa Claus is a reality, the attendant efforts to keep that major secret of the season reach new heights.

How long has it been since you have felt the magic of the season?

I remember, when I was still a young adult, going to Oglebay Park and, after Christmas, to Niagara Falls. The occasion in each case was light sculpture shows; this was prior to the time when one could fill one’s own yard with light sculptures.

In a life even earlier than that, I recall trips to downtown, where we would walk the streets, a couple of days before Christmas. The reason for the trip was to view mechanically powered reindeer, elves, and beautiful window displays in the major department stores.

In each case, we were beneficiaries of major displays of community spirit, manifested by merchants and local businesses. It is time to open our eyes and applaud such efforts, as they exist in our place and our time.

Those of us who were involved in the Portales Light Parade were treated to a special show involving dancing lights, engineered by Tom Martin and celebrating the joys of the season.

Speaking of the Portales parade, though I can’t swear to it, I would be willing to bet that there were more floats this year than had previously participated. Though it is an objective opinion, I can definitely state that there were better quality floats.

Community spirit was alive and well, at the event.

Tonight is a night of excitement in our house, as we have plans to take a select group of children to the zoo, for the holiday light festival which it hosts. Actually, the thing which makes these children select is that they are the ones in our family.

Perhaps you will make sure that the children in your family have a chance to see the zoo hosting Christmas, as their contribution to community spirit.

Taco Box Clovis is, for the second year, making merry with a light show coordinated with music. In the comfort of one’s own car, one can experience free multimedia entertainment.

Not all acts of community spirit involve lights and display.

It’s worth applauding Juan Garza (Juanito’s Restaurant) and Stansell’s Grocery, for donations to Sacred Heart Church’s Community Christmas dinner.

The Lighthouse Mission places major effort into a children’s Christmas party. First Presbyterian Church, Portales, “adopted” three single mothers, who are ENMU students, with substantial gift cards to Wal-Mart.

Certainly, there are other acts of community spirit occurring, and of course, kindness and celebration are not limited to this time of year.

We simply take the time to celebrate a few which have come to the attention of this columnist.