Robbery victim still in recovery

Courtesy photo Larry Porter is still hospitalized, recovering from a broken leg he received during a Nov. 30 robbery that took place in his driveway.

By Sharna Johnson: CNJ staff writer

A month after he was robbed and beaten in his own driveway, 72-year-old Larry Porter of Clovis remains hospitalized and is struggling to recover from a broken leg.

Porter’s femur was shattered above the knee Nov. 30 when he fell to the pavement while attempting to fight off two men in front of his home.

The incident is still under investigation and Wednesday, police Lt. Jim Schoeffel said he could not reveal if there are any suspects in the case.

A Crime Stoppers reward of $1,000 is being matched $1,000 by the family for information leading to an arrest and conviction in the case.

Dejon Porter said her husband’s injury required surgery followed by two weeks of intensive care. He remains in a rehabilitation hospital in Lubbock, unable to walk or care for himself.

Depending on how he does in the near future, he will either move to another facility or to a nursing home temporarily.

“It has been pretty dramatic,” she said.

Dejon Porter said her husband is in good spirits but has lost nearly 50 pounds. He is still on a lot of pain medication and is tired and more than a little rattled by the ordeal.

“The man’s never had a broken bone in his life and he’s never had his life threatened before,” she said. “These guys pretty much scared him… it’s pretty dramatic in your own driveway.”

According to police reports, Porter had just arrived at his home in the west section of Manana Boulevard when he was approached by two males who asked him, “What do you have for us, Dog?”

When Porter said he had nothing, one of the suspects hit him in the face.

Porter told police he fought the two, attempting to fend off his attackers by hitting them with a bag of turnips and coffee mug he was holding.

However, Porter’s right leg gave out and he fell to the sidewalk.

Dejon Porter said the turnips were a gift from a friend, who brings them from a family garden because her husband is fond of them.

The thieves went through Porter’s pockets while he was on the ground, stealing $700 in cash and his watch before running off.

“The thing about it is, Larry would give you the shirt off his back,” she said.

Family decorated his room at the hospital and gathered there with him at Christmas.

Porter said she has been amazed and grateful for the overwhelming community support.

Family, friends, and even strangers have come together to help them get through the aftermath and even pitched in and raised money to offer a Crime Stopper’s reward.