Children’s book creator offers lessons for all

Freedom New Mexico

We don’t recommend a lot of books in this space, particularly when the book is about fictional mice. Then again, not many children’s book characters teach so much about liberty.

“Indy-Pindy The Liberty Mouse,” the creation of Farwell libertarian blogger Kent McManigal, takes his readers on a journey full of challenging, real-life experiences that can all be solved with personal responsibility.

The self-published paperback — view it at — won’t make any best-seller lists. Yet it is at least as entertaining and thought-provoking as any political commentary you’ll find, from Thomas Sowell to Maureen Dowd.

The book begins with Indy-Pindy leaving the nest of his parents. In his search for food and a place to live, he’s challenged by enemies who want to eat him and he’s tempted to take things that don’t belong to him as a means of survival.

A fellow mouse recommends Indy-Pindy step through a hole in a wall and take “as much food as you can carry for free.” But he quickly realizes the food belongs to a human who set traps and he remembers his parents’ warning: You must work or trade for your meals.

Indy-Pindy survives on juicy berries he finds in the woods and makes a home out of an abandoned turtle shell — kinda small, but warm and safe once he stuffed it full of feathers and grass and covered it with dirt.

He learns multiple life lessons along his way:

• Don’t steal.

• Don’t expect others to solve your problems.

• Don’t expect something for nothing.

• Don’t trust snakes and watch out for weasels.

• Get to know your neighbors.

• Plan ahead.

• Don’t waste time watching life go by — participate.

• Take responsibility for yourself.

They are good lessons for children.

And for adults.