PEC gains new leadership, facilities

USAF photo: Airman 1st Class Jett Warnick Master Sergeant Roddy Martin, 27th Special Operations Civil Engineer Squadron, addresses the first group of airmen to go through First Term Airmen’s Center in the new facilities inside the Pecos Trail Dining Facility, Bldg. 1225, on Jan. 15. As the new Career Assistance Advisor for the wing, Martin advises airmen on how to excel in the Air Force.

By Airman 1st Class Jett Warnick: 27th SOW Public Affairs

Several airmen attending the First Term Airmen’s Center helped the new Career Assistance Advisor move the Cannon Professional Enhancement Center from above The Drop Zone to its new location inside the Pecos Trail Dining Facility, Bldg. 1225.

Master Sergeant Roddy Martin, 27th Special Operations Civil Engineer Squadron, is proving he is not adverse to change while he transitions not only from his original job as a utilities specialist to career assistance advisor, but after little over a month in this new job, he is now moving his department to new facilities as well.

A civil engineering guy at heart, it was hard for Martin to leave the squadron for his new job, he said. However, he sees it as a chance to help airmen and try something different.

Though Martin has recently become the career assistance advisor, he has had several airmen speak with him about a wide range of subjects, such as interest in the National Guard, Officer Training School, crosstraining into new career fields, and other military programs, he said.

“There’s a lot of criteria airmen have to meet in to do these things, and that’s what I look at,” said Martin. “I find out the requirements for what they want to do and see if they meet them. If not, then I help try to help them meet eligibility requirements.”

Martin said he gets information about career fields that are undermanned and need airmen to crosstrain into them. He then sends this information to the squadrons to see if any airmen are interested. While he doesn’t do any of the paperwork involved, he does give information on the particular career field as well as the crosstraining process.

“I’m here to assist airmen, to keep them on the right track,” he said. “Our goal is to keep airmen on active duty or in other military programs, such as the Guard or the Reserves. They need to know what’s available to them to if they want to try something different.”

Senior Airman Deanna Sanchez, 27th Special Operations Force Support Squadron, said she learned about Martin when he attended a squadron commander call to introduce himself and give contact information to airmen seeking career assistance.

“I went to Master Sergeant Martin for guidance and information on becoming a recruiter,” said Sanchez. “He was very helpful. Not only was he able to get me some information on being a recruiter, he also keeps up with me to just see if I might need anything else. He is a great career advisor.”

Another part of Martin’s job, he said, is managing FTAC and PEC. The Professional Enhancement Center offers courses once a week that provide airmen lessons on leadership, teamwork, how to mentor, and other useful skills, said Martin. This program is open to any rank to help guide airmen along throughout their careers.

For information on these classes as well as career opportunities and benefits within the military call extension 7401.