Cannon to receive $76 million in Obama budget

CNJ staff

Cannon Air Force Base stands to receive more than $76 million for upgrades in President Barack Obama’s 2011 budget.

The Air Force Special Operations Command is receiving the largest share of $284 million set aside for New Mexico military installations, under the plan.

“With this budget proposal, it is clear President Obama is making our nation’s security a top priority,” Sen. Jeff Bingman, D-N.M., said in a release. “The White House is making the necessary investments in our state’s military installations, ensuring that they can meet their missions.”

One funding request moved up is $14 million for a 96-room dormitory. The base is currently at 85 percent capacity, Deputy Asset Manager Tim Farmer said, and is maxed out in its dormitories, with a current population around 4,000.

The base is working on renovations this month for an old dormitory, and pushed the request for the new dormitory up from 2012.

Other additions include:

• $20 million for Squadron Ops Facility

• $13.287 million to Add/Alter Simulator Facility for MC-130J aircraft.

• $26 million for the first phase of a parking apron for C-130 aircraft.

• $12.636 million for a parking apron for the MC-130J aircraft.

• $24.622 million for hangar and teaching facility for MC-130J aircraft, set for completion in 2012.

• $39.674 million for an operations and training complex.

Obama’s budget plan is a suggested roadmap for Congress to create the actual 2011 budget, expected to be finished before the 111th session of Congress closes Jan. 3 of next year.