Book reviews

Dining on the B&O

Co-authored by Clovis resident Karl D. Spence, “Dining on the B&O” is a culmination of a lifelong love of trains and fascination with the B&O Railway.

The 170-page book written by Spence and Thomas J. Greco, has revived the experience of dining on the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, offering a unique and detailed insight into the dinning cars, the food and the culture that existed there for travelers and the dinning staff.

Bringing fine dining on the rails to print, the book is filled with original recipes and chef’s insights and tips to help prepare everything from basic corncakes and apple sauce to the more obscure, such as Sardine Canapes.

The book is peppered with photos documenting the rail dining experience and history and filled with the little known details and nuances of life on the rails that only authors with a passion for the subject could capture.

Spence is a retired naval reserve commander, husband of Clovis Realtor Carolyn Spence and father of Katharine Fly. Their family owns and operates Weichert Realtors and the 505 Group.

Dining on the B&O, published by the Johns Hopkins University Press, can be purchased at most retail bookstores and is available at the Clovis-Carver Library.