Danny Padilla

By Patsy Padilla: Special to the CNJ

Thirty-five years ago my husband Danny Padilla was looking for his career.

A persistent man he was indeed. He would go to the UPS Center on North Prince every morning just to see if they were hiring. He knew at the time they were not but he wouldn’t give up.

His persistence most definitely paid off. He was called one day and the supervisor asked him if he wanted to work. He called him in for an interview as a package driver.

My husband put in 35 years with UPS and on Jan. 25, 2010, he decided to retire. He is 57 years old.

As his wife I am so very proud of him and so are his two sons Patrick Padilla and Michael A. Padilla. We have two grandsons Derek Padilla, 13, and Jai Padilla, 1.

Friends ask Danny what he will be doing now. Well we are very close to our two sons and our two grandsons and need we say more.