Education column: French lesson provided splash of culture

By Penny Bailey: Clovis Municipal Schools

Being raised by a wonderful southern cook, I learned early in life to enjoy eating.

Add to that, being raised in a Baptist Church where their motto seemed to be “Food, Fun, and Fellowship!”, my favorite meal is the potluck. However, I attended a potluck the other day that was like none I have ever had before.

It all started with an invitation from Madame Jennifer Kelley, the French teacher at Clovis High School. Her French class was completing their section for food and eating out.

She invited me to join them for the completion of this portion of their studies. I wasn’t too sure what to expect, but I’ve learned there are adventures around every corner of Clovis’ Schools. I gladly accepted the invitation.

When I arrived, I looked inside the window of the classroom door.

At first, I thought I was in the wrong place as the lights were out. However, after checking the room number and realizing this was the correct room, I ventured in.

And, much to my wonderful surprise, I entered a lovely French Restaurant complete with nicely decorated tables and candlelight.

Madame Kelley welcomed me to the class and began with her instructions to the students. Each student made their own menu (their designs were very impressive), and they were to take turns being the ‘Serveur/Serveuse’ (waiter/waitress).

Madame Kelley walked around the room with her grade book and listened to the conversations at each table.

When the grading portion was completed, the students went to the back of the room where they had a French potluck.

There was fruit, various cheeses, French bread and butter, quiche, chocolate mousse, crepes and other items to make sandwiches and drinks common to a French Caf