Separating airmen offered different options

By 27th SOW Public Affairs

Getting out? Opportunities in the Air Force Reserves abound for soon-to-be separating active duty airmen.

The Palace Front program allows those separating from active duty to stay in the military through the reserves at the end of their active-duty military commitment. Palace Chase provides an opportunity for active duty officers and enlisted members to voluntarily transfer from active military service early. The member’s remaining active duty service commitment or term of enlistment may be waived, for approved applicants, in exchange for the member’s agreement to participate in a Selected Reserve program.

As part of their out-processing checklist, members must be briefed by the installation in-service recruiter Tech. Sgt. Derrick Cooley, who once gave Palace Chase briefings in group settings. Now he speaks with separating airmen individually.

“I found it to be more beneficial to the member if I gave them information about the Palace Chase program during a one-on-one type briefing,” he said.

To make an appointment, or for more information about the Palace Front or Palace Chase programs, airmen can e-mail or call 784-2205.