Citizens running for political office deserve recognition

By Grant McGee: Local columnist

Municipal elections are today.

There’s a part of me that’s drawn to politics. Sometimes it attracts me like wanting to win the lottery, sometimes it’s like rubbernecking a train wreck.

Running for office came up recently in a phone chat with my big brother in Florida. He often tries to motivate me to do bigger things.

“Yeah, we have elections coming up March 2 here,” I told him.

“When are you going to run?” he asked.

I’ve been tempted to run for office. Shoot, one time I even contemplated running for Congress. I heard the money was good.

Of course I’ve been known to ponder things without having a firm grasp of reality.

My biggest obstacle is those meetings you have to go to. Some can get pretty long, pretty political and let’s face it … boring. I’d be concerned that I’d fall asleep. Then I’d be in the paper:

Headline: “Commissioner McGee falls asleep at crucial meeting.”

Then there are those hot topics and burning issues. Take for instance the hubbub in Melrose right now about the dude who is dumpster diving, much to the consternation of some members of the village council.

Some believe the trash is village property and there’s a danger of identity theft. I’d probably side with the dumpster diver — hey, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure.

Next election I can hear my opponent: “Mr. McGee supports identity theft!”

What? I thought this was about dumpster diving.

No, you probably won’t find me on the ballot in this lifetime. But those of you who are running: I truly salute you. We need people who want to take the time to serve the community.

So let’s get out there and vote.

This country wasn’t made great by folks sitting on the couch vegging on TV.