Curry County buys downtown post office building

File photo Curry County commissioners approved a decision to buy the post office on Gidding Street. Postal service officials proposed in April to close the building as a cost cutting measure.

By Sharna Johnson CNJ staff writer

Curry County is buying the post office building in downtown Clovis.

Commissioners approved the decision Tuesday following an executive session.

A spokesperson for the U.S. Postal Service said the deal allows the post office to continue operating as usual in downtown Clovis.

Last April, postal officials said the Gidding office was being considered for closure as a cost saving measure to battle dropping revenues and rising costs.

The announcement prompted an outcry from the community and leaders, both local and state, who vowed to try to save the facility.

County Manager Lance Pyle said the county will take out a $750,000 loan to purchase the building.

Pyle said the post office will lease the space it now occupies on the first floor of the two-story building.

“We’re delighted that it worked out the way it did and we were able to sell the building and still offer services to the Clovis community,” said Barbara Wood, Albuquerque spokesperson for the U.S. Postal Service. “They want the postal service to be there and we want to be there, so they’re going to keep us in their office indefinitely.”

Wood said services offered will remain the same.

Pyle said the county has been paying $100,000 a year to lease the upper floor for the district attorney’s office.

“If we just keep the district attorney over there, it would pay for itself. We’d have an asset for the residents of Curry County,” Pyle said.

“We would rather own the property than use taxpayer dollar for continuing to rent.”

Leasing a portion of the building back to the post office will also be negotiated, he said.

Pyle declined to disclose what ideas or options the county is considering for using the building.

“The county has several options and ideas for that property and this property is going to be incorporated into the needs analysis by Rohde, May, Keller, McNamara Architecture,” he said.

The architecture firm was recently hired to conduct an analysis of whether or not a judicial complex is needed and how all county properties and facilities can best be used.

Pyle said a portion of the needs analysis is expected to be complete in June.

The purchase will be made using money from the general fund and the loan proceeds will be placed back into the general fund, according to the resolution approved by commissioners.