Gov. Bill Richardson to sign bills in Clovis & Albuquerque tomorrow

SANTA FE — Governor Bill Richardson will travel to Clovis and Albuquerque tomorrow, Saturday March 6th, to sign bills passed by lawmakers during the regular legislative session.

In Clovis, Governor Richardson will sign HB 15 creating the Eastern New Mexico Water Utility Authority which will help Eastern New Mexico communities as they develop a long-term solution to a sustainable source of water.

In Albuquerque, Governor Richardson will sign HB 93 and SB 58, Certain Auto Dealer Acts as Unlawful. The bills put new protections in place for New Mexico’s franchised car dealers and the jobs and revenue they provide for the state. This legislation comes in light of the devastating impact the recent bankruptcies of General Motors and Chrysler have had on local dealers and communities throughout New Mexico.