Weather slows overpass progress

CNJ staff

Recent winter weather has slowed progress of the replacement of the Hull Street Overpass.

City Engineer Justin Howalt said the target date for the overpass is now November.

Howalt said the plan this week is to work on drilling for the bridge’s foundation. The step involves drilling 70-foot holes, and filling them with rebar and concrete.

The work was originally scheduled for February, but met delays due to inclement weather throughout the month.

“They’re going to bring in two drill rigs,” Howalt said of the work that will be done by Hamon Contractors of Denver. “They’re going to extend their hours to try to catch up.”

The drilling is scheduled for the next two weeks.

The replacement is being covered by about $2.3 million in federal and state transportation money, coupled with $800,000 in federal stimulus money.

The overpass was closed in June 2008 for safety reasons.

An estimated 4,600 vehicles traveled over it daily before the closure.

That traffic is now redirected to Martin Luther King Boulevard and overpasses on Prince Street and N.M. 467.