First person: Cultivating success

CNJ staff photo: Liliana Castillo Farwell’s Ryan Williams was named one of four National Outstanding Young Farms by The United States Junior Chamber.

Ryan Williams of Farwell was chosen as one of four National Outstanding Young Farmers by The United States Junior Chamber. Williams is the fourth generation to farm his family’s land in Farwell.

The process: Our local county agent nominated me. You go through the judging process. They look at what you do on your farm and how you do it. Conservation is a big part of it. They narrow it down to 25 and then you submit a real detailed letter of what you do on your farm. They pick one from each state. We went to the award ceremony in Raleigh, North Carolina. There were 10 states represented. It was neat getting to see how everyone does things differently. It opened my eyes to the diverse ways things are done across the country. It was an honor and humbling. My employees…I may overlook them at times. They deserve a lot of recognition for what they do for me.

In his blood: I love what I do. I’m the fourth generation to farm the same land. I started helping my father when I was six or seven. I went off to college at Texas Tech and got a degree in agriculture economics. I moved home in 1997. Our farm is very diverse. We do everything. We grow veggies, corn, cotton, run cattle and do custom farming. That can lead to craziness. I love the relationships I’ve made in every thing I’m involved with. I thrive on staying and being busy.

Other fun: I’m real involved in church. I lead music at church and am on numerous committees. I love sports and really get into high school sports.

Home town: Farwell is a great place to raise a family. Several of my friends have moved home. We have a great core group of young families. It’s hardworking community. I believe that it’s God. We’re here because that’s where he places us. It’s a great town, good school, good everything.