Letters to the Editor: Trash bins make city look trashy

Trash bins make city look trashy

I would like to agree with the gentleman who wrote about the new garbage bins. (“Leave dumpsters where they are,” Feb. 14 CNJ) I think they are ridiculous.

They not only block sidewalks (we have enough vehicles and bushes that do that); they are also an eyesore. Trash overflows from some and wind knocks them over.

How does this stop the trash around Clovis? How is this saving on gas and fumes if the trucks have to stop at each home to pick them up?

It seems logical to pick up the dumpsters and have less stops and have Clovis look nicer without seeing those trash bins on the sidewalks.

With many homeowners at work, the bins are left out all day. Why do we need to let Clovis look trashy when we are fighting to clean it up?

I have a special-needs grandchild who has to walk to school in the street to avoid the bins that now line Park Avenue. Sidewalks should be kept clear so walkers can be safe from traffic.