Representative works as link between Cannon, ENMU

Cannon Connections photo: Liliana Castillo Eastern New Mexico University’s Cannon Air Force Base Representative Julie Hobbs visits Cannon two days a week. She helps military students
navigate tuition assistance paperwork among other things.

By Clarence Plank: Cannon Connections

Julie Hobbs is the Cannon Air Force Base representative for Eastern New Mexico University.

She works with airmen to get them enrolled at Eastern and help with any other information they need, such as, who else they might need to talk to about classes, financial aid and other things.

“I enjoy interacting with the students and helping them with the process,” Hobbs said. “A lot of the Cannon students who come to me have never taken a college course before. It is just enjoyable to help them through the process and lead them in the right direction.”

Hobbs was born and raised in Portales and graduated from Eastern in May of last year. She spends two days out of the week at Cannon where airmen, spouses and their children who might be seeking information about the university can talk to her.

“I mostly help with tuition assistance because I mostly deal with active duty airmen,” Hobbs said. “I’m also a point of contact to get them in the right place. I can’t do everything there at Cannon, but I can point them in the right direction as to where to go and what to do.”

Hobbs said she wanted a job where she could work with people and thinks this is the best way of doing it.

“There are a lot of Cannon airmen who live in Portales and pass right by the campus,” Hobbs said. “I see a lot of students who have taken some classes a few years ago and want to get back in it, but they need a push in the right direction.”

Hobbs said if they can fit a class in here or there and they have to step away, when they come back they will have some credited hours there to help instead of having to start from the beginning.

Associate Director of Enrollment Cody Spitz said they have a memorandum of understanding between the university and the base for the services that they provide.

“She does very well and she is very friendly if you see her on the base,” Spitz said about Hobbs. “The students like her because if they didn’t, they wouldn’t come back to her. So she does very well.”