Letter to the editor: Lujan acted in my best interests

I want to thank my representative, Ben Ray Lujan, and all those who voted for health-care reform.

With all the money being thrown at our senators and representatives by those who oppose reform, I think it is something of a miracle this bill made it through.

Those who oppose reform for various misguided reasons might ask themselves why, when America spends wa-a-ay more than any other country in the world, do we have one of the crummiest health-care delivery records in the world?

It is because, just like with the banks and Wall Street, the health insurance executives pay themselves — and thumb their noses at the rest of us when we lose our homes, jobs, health, retirement income, etc.

Those who worry about the banks and the health-care system being “socialized” ought to wonder what it is called when the bankers and brokers rob us blind and then get billions of taxpayer dollars — and use it to give themselves raises.

Isn’t that welfare for the rich in their time of greed?

No one seems to mind that the banks and brokers and big insurance companies were “socialized” with our money. In fact, after picking our pockets two years ago, and sending the economy into a tailspin, guess what has changed in the rules and regs to keep them from doing this to us again?


Passing this legislation is a victory for us regular folks, but it doesn’t go near far enough. We do need a single-payer program to compete with the insurance companies to, at the least, get prices down and keep them manageable.

I, for one, will be voting to send Lujan back to continue to represent regular people like me and to continue to fight against big-money interests.