Wildfire safety tips offered

By Richard Peterson: 27th SOW Safety

If you notice a fire contact emergency services at 911 immediately don’t ignore it. It’s better that too many call it in than no one at all.

Personnel that smoke need to be extremely careful with all smoking materials, both while smoking in designated smoking areas as well as when smoking in any vehicle.

Never toss cigarette butts out of car windows, put cigarettes out in the ash tray or approved containers.

Never park your vehicle in or around tall grass; the exhaust system is extremely hot and can cause a brush fires. ATVs, dirt bikes and other off-road vehicles can trigger brush fire in a similar manner. Be aware of the terrain and potential hazards in such dry conditions.

The following Web sites provide additional information as well:



For more information about fire safety and what you can do to be prepared, please contact the Cannon fire department.