Sheriff’s office: Man caught stealing scrap metal for second time in two weeks

CNJ staff

Curry County Sheriff’s deputies arrested a Clovis man Thursday after they say they caught him stealing scrap metal for the second time in two weeks.

The man, out on bond at the time of the second incident, is being held on two misdemeanor charges of receipt of stolen property. He is being held at the Curry County Adult Detention Center without bond, according to Undersheriff Wesley Waller.

The 29-year-old was first arrested March 17 when a deputy stopped his vehicle in the area of Curry Roads O and Nine and discovered metal items in the back of his pickup that were identified as belonging to a nearby resident who had reported an ongoing issue with theft of scrap metal from his property, Waller said.

Thursday, deputies responded to a call of a resident following a suspect in northeast Curry County who had been seen taking metal pipes from the resident’s land near Curry Road Four and U.S. 70.

Waller said the resident told dispatch the suspect realized the landowner was following him; he stopped and apologized for taking the items.

A deputy met up with the victim and suspect where they were stopped on State Road 348 and recognized the suspect as the one who had been arrested for the same thing by a different deputy two weeks earlier.

In both incidents, Waller said the victims recovered their property.