Grady student arrested for firing shotgun near school

CNJ staff

A Grady High School student was arrested Friday for shooting a shotgun into the air outside the school when he got mad at other teens for throwing pine cones, state police said.

Jessie Franklin, 19, is charged with felony aggravated assault and unlawful carrying of a deadly weapon on school premises and a misdemeanor count of negligent use of a deadly weapon.

Franklin was released Friday, jail officials said, on $5,000 bond.

According to court records, state police were called to Grady around 7:30 p.m. Thursday for a report of shots fired.

Two teens told the officer they were at the school and were on their way to their lockers when they started throwing pine cones at each other in a playful manner, the arrest affidavit said.

The boys said Franklin got angry and walked to his pickup truck, grabbed a shotgun out of the truck and shouted at the teens to, “throw another pine cone,” then fired the gun into the air. They said he then got in his truck and drove off, spinning his tires, records said.

Officers noted tire tracks at the scene in the area where the boys said Franklin spun his tires, records show, and a nearby resident reported hearing the shot and seeing Franklin’s vehicle drive off.

Contact information for Franklin could not be located.