Unique flag gifted to local veterans

Cannon Connections photo: Liliana Castillo AmVets Post 14 trustee Jack Thomas explains that an American flag is folded with four stars out, standing for “In God We Trust.”

By Clarence Plank: Cannon Connections

AmVets Post 14 in Clovis received a special gift from a Marine two weeks ago.

AmVets Trustee Jack Thomas says he received the last American flag flown by the Marines at the Al Asad Air Base in Iraq from his nephew, Sgt. Major Thomas E. Sherwood, who was stationed there.

“The flag was flying there when the Marines took over and they just pulled out of there in February,” Thomas said. “My nephew by marriage Sherwood sent this flag to us in recognition of AmVets Post 14 in honor of generations of past service.”

Thomas said the outpost was turned over to the Army in February.

The flag is folded intentionally to display four stars. It stands for “In God We Trust.”

“He was a sergeant major at that base and they flew several flags and he donated one of them to us,” Thomas said. “Number one, with that certificate, it shows you that the guys on the front lines still think about the veterans of the past and to us it’s a constant reminder that we still have people in harm’s way.”

Post 14 member John Ulibarri said he considers the gift an honor.

“My dad was a National Guardsman and my brother is in the Air Force right now, Ulibarri said. “He’s been in Iraq and he’s getting ready to go back next month.”

Ulibarri said his brother has been trying to spend as much time with his family before he is re-deployed for his next term.

“It’s hard having people over there,” Ulibarri said.

AmVets does charitable work to raise money and helps various organizations in the community, including the Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps and the Arts Academy at Bella Vista. The post also helps families in need in Clovis.