Students head for FCCLA national finals

From left, Jessica Farkas, Hayley Hoggard, Austin Miller and Autumn Powers.

By Liliana Castillo: CNJ staff writer

Yucca Middle School student Autumn Powers planned a wedding from top to the bottom.

She compared prices of three vendors for everything from the tuxedo rentals, gowns, and flowers.

Her attention to detail in planning the wedding and the budget won her gold a the state Family, Career and Community Leaders of America meeting held March 17-20 in Albuquerque.

Powers was one of fifteen students from Clovis who won medals at the state meeting which qualify them for national competition.

Powers said she worked hard and it paid off.

“At first, I was iffy about it. But I started getting into it. I worked on my speech and presentation a lot,” Powers said.

FCCLA advisor Amy Garcia said Powers’ presentation was worth 56 points out of a hundred, while the project itself was worth 44.

Powers has the opportunity to improve her project before competing in the national competition July 3-8 in Chicago. She said she’s thinking about adding a honeymoon.

Seventh-grader Hayley Hoggard created a business called Faith Fashions. She said she’s thought about opening her own business when she gets older so she thought she’d try it.

For the project she calculated insurance, made a floor plan including emergency exits and storage closets and created a business plan and more.

“It taught me how to start a business and how much work it is,” Hoggard said. “It helped me see what older people go through.”

Ninth-grader Austin Miller was installed as the New Mexico State President for the 2010-2011 year during the state meeting and will be leading the state at the National FCCLA Conference in July.

Miller said he is excited to be able to implement programs in the state’s FCCLA program including membership drives and better public relations.

“We’ve talked about things but not implemented them,” Miller said. “This year I can take care of what needs to get done.”

Miller said he will serve on the board of directors and is in charge of the state council for the year. Last year, Miller served as a Connection Team Member, which is a junior high position where the students learns how to be a state high school officer.

Clovis High School junior Jessica Farkas was elected as the New Mexico National Officer Candidate for the Pacific region. She is running for one of the 10 positions on the National FCCLA Executive Council.

Farkas said she is hoping to become the president or the vice president of parliamentary law. Last year, she served as the vice president of finance at the state level.

“I would help be in charge of the 220,000 national FCCLA membership,” Farkas said.

Farkas said the process to run for a national office has several steps. Farkas made a speech at state meeting, filled out an eight-page application, sent in her resume, three letters of recommendation and wrote two essays. At the national conference, she will take a 100 questions test, interview answering question about FCCLA and give another speech to her region. Then the region votes.

“I truly love this organization. This truly is the ultimate leadership experience,” Farkas said. “I’ve truly grown from what I was when I started.”

Farkas joined FCCLA five years ago.

“Being able to help administrate all that goes into this would be amazing,” Farkas said.

FCCLA students Cassidy Le and Gabbie Brewer were installed as Connection Team members at the state level.

Garcia said the trip to the national conference will cost $1,800 a student so the club is planning several fundraisers. She said the benefits outweigh the cost.

“Going to nationals I think gives them a lot of confidence,” Garcia said. “It boosts their self esteem. They keep doing better and better every year.”

Powers said she’s enjoyed her first year in FCCLA.

“I have friends here. They make me feel welcome and we stick together,” she said. “It’s good experience. I get to do things and go places I wouldn’t otherwise.”

Local results from the FCCLA state competiton:

Clovis FCCLA state medals


• Zachary Burrell and Derek Nunez in Crudities Tray

• Cassidy Le and Trey Trotter in Chapter Service Project Manual

• Autumn Powers in Life Event Planning

• Camille Ulibarri and Dannelle Kiren in Chapter Showcase Manual


• Gabbie Brewer in Focus on Children

• Jackie Cordaro in Cake Decorating

• Anyssa Garcia and Shannon Dover in Chapter Showcase Manual

• Deamatios Henz in Life Event Planning

• Hayley Hoggard in Entrepreneurship

• Taya Leeder and Austin Miller in National Programs in Action


• Samantha Michaels, Abby Pearce and Rigoberto Rodriguez in Illustrated Talk with Bullying Hurts program

Texico FCCLA state medals


• Adriana Garcia and Vanessa Maldonado in Chapter Service Project

• Claudia Campos, Mirna Reynosa,and Karina Salazar in Chapter Showcase Project

• Kaylee Crawford and Angelica Nieto in National Programs In Action Project

• Jennifer Campos and Monique Pena in Illustrated Talk

• Stormy Horner and Eddwinia Rodriguez in Illustrated Talk


• Katey Wike and Megan Duffy in Focus On Children Project

Creed Winners

• Monique Pena won gold

• Karina Salazar, Katelyn Wike, Megan Duffy, Adriana Garcia and Kaylee Crawford won silver



• July Allen and Misha Riley in Interior Design