State of the city address text

Clovis Mayor Gayla Brumfield is scheduled to give her “state of the city” address at 5:15 p.m. today at Clovis-Carver Public Library.

City officials provided the text as follows:

It has been an amazing year. The City of Clovis has undergone an exciting growth and expansion period and the things that have been accomplished could not have been done without the hard work of all the employees, department heads, management team and administration. These are the people who are on the front line every day in making all of this work.

I would like to especially thank all the Commissioners for all of their hard work, dedication and support they have given to the City over the last year. I would like to welcome our new Commissioners, Commissioner Madrid and Commissioner Stoddard.

I think we have got great things ahead of us and by all of us working together we will continue to ensure Clovis remains “A City on the Move”, moving in the right direction.

1. Infrastructure and Water

2009 saw a lot of activity in our Public Works Department. Street projects completed in 2009 included the repaving of Brady/Norris Street and Comer Street, the chip sealing of N. Norris Street from the Pleasant Hill Highway to CR 15, Delta and Beta Streets, the chip sealing of Waldhauser, Zulek, and Mendenhall Streets which were joint projects with Curry County and the overlaying of Elm Street.

One of our major accomplishments in infrastructure in 2009 was obtaining funding for the Hull Street Overpass. Construction of this project has begun and is scheduled for completion in the Fall of 2010. I would commend the Commission for their diligent effort in pushing this project forward. I would also like to thank the Department of Transportation for their excellent efforts in making sure the funding was obtained, but most of all our Governor who came through with the funding necessary to make this project happen.

The City received Community Development Block Grant funding in 2009 for improvements to Pile Street from 7th to 14th Streets. This project is another example of the city commission’s continued dedication to revitalizing our downtown area.

The redesign of the City’s 20 year old Wastewater Treatment Plant which has been an ongoing process, and we plan to begin this project before the end of this year. These improvements will not only upgrade the plant but will take care of our communities wastewater needs for the foreseeable future.

The Landfill Expansion Design and Permit Renewal is at 95% completion. The containment area cover and recycling building at the Clovis Regional Landfill are currently under construction. In 2009 the City’s Recycling Program was implemented and convenience centers were established at various locations in the city. It is appropriate on Earth Day to talk about how well the community has responded to our recycling program and that we are committed to seek funding to expand this program in the future.

The City of Clovis has been working with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) on map revisions for its flood plan. A letter of map revision has been sent to FEMA and the restudy of this project is at 95%.

In 2009 the Eastern New Mexico Rural Water Authority received state Water Trust Board funding to continue its work. For more than eight years the Authority has worked at obtaining federal authorization which was finally achieved through the diligent efforts of the Authority and our team and signed by President Obama in March 2009. Since then the team has been working hard on obtaining federal appropriations for the construction of the project. To date we have received one million dollars and anticipate additional appropriations to begin the intake structure at Ute Reservoir. Legislation approving the creation of a Water Utility Authority was passed during the recent legislative session and the transition from the Eastern New Mexico Rural Water Authority to the water utility authority is now underway. Water remains our most precious resource and the City of Clovis continues to work closely with New Mexico American Water Company on ways to conserve this precious commodity, including the City’s Effluent Reuse Project’s preliminary engineering design which is currently at 25% design. The reuse project 100% design has been put out for Request for Proposals. The city continues to work with area farmers and the state engineer’s office on ways to conserve and effectively manage the Ogallala Aquifer.

2. City Services

City of Clovis’ public service departments continue to provide excellent service to our community.

Police Department

2009 saw many changes within the police department. The first change was the look of the police cars. After all the employees had the chance to submit a design, the employees voted on the final design and the new look has arrived.

At the start of 2009, the department had 13 vacancies to fill. Today, there are only two police vacancies left to fill. The department continues to search for the most qualified applicant.

With the arrival of Chief Sanders, the department has undertaken a major task to examine the policies and practices of the department. In 2009 the department has opted to become accredited. This process forces the department to review each and every policy and procedure with the intent of ensuring they are practicing law enforcement to standards set by the National and State Law Enforcement Community.

Finally, the department has been working on communications. With the construction of a new 300 foot radio tower and the replacement of four base radios in dispatch, the department has increased its ability to communicate, via radio, in most of the areas in Curry County.

In 2009 the Police Department investigated two homicides. Indexed crimes in the city were down 12% in comparison to 2008.

The Police Department made great strides in improving our Animal Shelter. The Animal Shelter task force worked tirelessly to put together policies for licensing, spay & neuter and euthanasia programs. The city will be receiving funding to help defray the cost of conversion to euthanasia by injection. The Animal Shelter Task Force will continue to look for ways to improve our animal shelter.

Fire Department

The Clovis Fire Department is comprised of 78 full-time employees providing professional and courteous service from 6 fire stations strategically located throughout the City of Clovis. The Clovis Fire Department provides fire protection, EMS Paramedic level services, hazardous material mitigation and technical rescue in Clovis, Curry County and nearby counties through mutual aid agreements. The Fire Department will strive for excellence in the delivery of all services, and currently provides a Class III ISO fire protection rating for the City of Clovis. The Fire Department realizes the community is the reason for its presence and everyone is entitled to its best efforts.

In 2009 the Clovis Fire Department continued its commitment to provide the best and most effective services to the community. Our personnel are provided excellent equipment to perform their job as well as outstanding training and promotional opportunities. Numerous personnel attended several conferences, workshops and received specialized training throughout the entire year. This allows our personnel to become and remain current on operations and services provided.

In 2009 the Clovis Fire Department experienced a 10% increase in call volume. We normally experience a 2.5%-3.0% increase in call volume each year. The increase was experienced in responding and transporting members of the community with our ambulance service, both in and out of town.

Emergency Management

In 2009 the Emergency Management Department conducted three tabletop exercises in Clovis. They were Airport Plane Crash, Shooter/Hostage Scenario and Agro-Terrorism Functional Exercise Planning.

They continue to make presentations to various civic groups, organizations & businesses; distributed emergency preparedness & awareness packets

They conducted a Special Needs Population Outreach with funding provided by Curry County Wellness Council and Clovis/Curry County Emergency Management and conducted briefings/presentations to over 250 individuals/families; gave them information on how to prepare a family disaster plan, disaster supplies kit, etc.; also provided them with a NOAA weather radio

In 2009 the Emergency Management Department expended FY07 & FY08 Department of Homeland Security grant monies for first responders in Curry County and spent $458,000 on various equipment items.

The department continued to distribute pandemic flu brochures and flyers to citizens in Curry County and conducted H1N1 Flu vaccine points of distribution to distribute vaccine to citizens of Clovis & Curry County.

Division of Older Adults

The mission of the Division of Older Adults is to improve the quality of life for our senior citizens through innovative programs and facilities that meet their levels of need; to assist our clients to remain independent through transportation, nutrition, recreation, education, socialization, and in-home services. The City of Clovis, Older Adults Department is committed to its role as a catalyst for senior advocacy, volunteerism, and information resources for our elder population.

Older Adults has provided transportation for senior trips to Taos, Lincoln County, Palo Duro Canyon, and many local areas in the community. With the baby-boom generations which make up two-thirds of the 50-plus populations, the Older Adults Department has adjusted their activities and programs to meet that area somewhat. Beginner’s Line Dance and Advanced Line Dance every week has been included to accommodate the boomers life style of staying more active in the community. The centers also have weekly and monthly dances that give the seniors an outlet on weekends, such as Square dancing on Saturday, Friday night dances, Singles Dance, and Sunday evening dances.

The Division of Older Adults will be incorporating computers with internet access for the seniors to aid in contact with their children and family this coming year and provide basic computer skills for those wanting to learn.

The Older Adults Division has received two grants to help with repairs for both centers which will aid in services we provide to the population.

Membership at the centers is up from the previous year at both Baxter-Curren and Friendship Senior Centers. The Older Adults Division will continue to support and assist our growing senior population by adapting and refining activities and services for our community in new and innovative ways.

Clovis Area Transit System

In 2009 the CATS Department received $388,140 in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funding. They installed security cameras and alarm systems at the facility. The Department also received a 23 passenger bus. The City continues to look at going to a fixed route system. I would like to thank CATS director Mary Lou Kemp and staff for their help with Christmas at the Zoo in 2009 when they drove Clovis residents around the city to see the holiday lights.

Clovis-Carver Library

In 2009 the Clovis-Carver Library established a program which offers 2000 e-books and 3500 e-audio books to their patrons. The books can be downloaded to the patron’s computer, iPod, or MP3 players in several different languages. A patron needs a library card and a code word to take advantage of this program.

Another program the Library established was the delivery of books to the homebound and they currently have 12 patrons using this service. Last month they delivered 76 large type books. These people mostly live in the Resident Center or Retirement Ranch. However, the Library staff do deliver to a few homes. The homebound are very appreciative of this service and they have a love for reading.

The City of Clovis would like to thank the Sisler Foundation for their kind donation of a digital visitor information marquee sign.

As you can see much has been done by our city departments, and much is left to do. Funding projects is always a challenge. Funding comes from many sources, and in order to apply for federal and state grants, the City needs an accurate census count. In 2000 the census count was very low in some areas. In 2009 the Clovis City Commission created a 2010 Complete Count Committee to work on getting an accurate count and this committee has been working hard to achieve this during the April 2010 census count. If you have not completed your census form I would encourage you to do so as this greatly assists the city in obtaining funding for our streets and other infrastructure projects. If you need a census form, please contact the City Manager’s office who has them available.

3. Quality of Life

In 2009 the City of Clovis began construction of the 3,000 sq. ft. administration building for the Clovis Aquatics Center with capital outlay funding it received from the state legislature. New pool lighting was installed at the Aquatics Center in 2009. This was the first phase in a three phase project to expand swim wellness programs for the community and we hope to address the funding for the other two phases through our Quality of Life Task Force. The Aquatics center is used not only for water therapy classes but also for the Clovis Swim Club which has dramatically increased in size over the past couple of years. The City of Clovis is delighted to join with Clovis Municipal Schools and Clovis Community College in providing for the Clovis High Swim Team and other community aquatics programs.

A concrete walking trail was installed around Greene Acres Park and on Saturday we will be holding a ribbon cutting at noon and will plant trees in celebration of Arbor and Earth Day. With the enhancements we have seen at Greene Acres with the skate board park and new lights, it really makes this park a family destination.

The Parks Department constructed a rugby field on east 14th Street and installed a new parking area at Rierson Park.

Clovis Municipal Zoo received a donation from Citizens Bank to acquire another giraffe for the zoo. Christmas at the Zoo was tremendously successful last year with several hundred people attending the event and we hope to expand on this program for the 2010 holiday season as well as Easter at the Zoo.

In 2009 the Clovis City Commission established a Quality of Life Task Force to address recreational activities and the group is currently formulating recommendations to the Commission for recreational activities. The priorities include a recreational center for kids, expanded youth recreation activities and a Boys & Girls Club. The Wellness Center, upgrades to the parks to include walking, biking and jogging trails, an expanded zoo and an expanded golf course were also listed as priorities.

4. Economic Development

2009 brought many new faces into the community with Cannon Air Force Base. Approximately 1,000 military personnel were added to Cannon bringing the total at the end of the year to approximately 4,200. The new projected numbers for growth at Cannon Air Force Base are approaching 6,000 military personnel.

Housing became an issue for the personnel moving here so several meetings were held between Cannon Air Force Base officials, city officials, the Local Growth Management Committee and LGMC Housing Task Force and local builders, realtors and developers to address these issues. Local builders over the year have stepped up as much as lending practices have allowed and are meeting the need of homes available for purchase. In fact currently there are over 120 new homes on the market in various price ranges and areas.

The need for quality rental units continues to be very much in demand. We continue to work with local and out of town developers that want to provide rental units that will match income needs. We think that there will be some good announcements in the future for quality rental units. The city is committed to working in any way that we can with Cannon Air Force Base to ensure that these rental unit projects come to fruition and that the housing needs of Cannon Air Force Base are met. We appreciate our relationship with Cannon Air Force Base in finding solutions to the challenges associated with the growth at the base. I would like to take this opportunity to thank our men and women in uniform for all that they do in protecting our great nation.

In April 2009 the Regional Growth Management Plan was completed. This plan addresses future growth needs associated with Cannon Air Force Base. The City of Portales has taken the lead in hiring a planner to implement the plan and has just received federal funding to move forward with this process.

Clovis Municipal Schools

Clovis Municipal Schools continue to provide excellent services to our school children. The Clovis Schools district experienced an increase in student enrollment of 390 students during fiscal year 2009-2010 making them eligible for growth funding from the state. This increase is primarily attributed to the growth at Cannon Air Force Base which, according to military staff projections, will increase the student population to an additional 1,800 students through fiscal year 13-14. They are currently working on the design for a new middle school. Phase I includes core areas for 900 students with classrooms for 450 students. Phase II would complete the facility to accommodate 900 students. Completion for the project is scheduled for April 2013.

Clovis Community College

Clovis Community College has experienced a nearly 20% increase in enrollment, posting gains in every ethnic, gender and age group measured by the College. Enrollment in on-line learning classes is at an all-time high, and many local area high school students are getting a jump on their college educations by taking advantage of the College’s dual enrollment program.

The College also dedicated a new building, the Don and Gustenia Bonner Nursing Education Building, a 14,800 square foot classroom and laboratory facility, which allows CCC students to receive state-of-the-art instruction in nursing theory and practice.

The College’s construction program is continuing as the Board of Trustees awarded a contract to an architectural firm to prepare the plans for the College’s next building project, the Joe and Charlyne Sisler Allied Health Building, a facility which will complete the space needed for nursing classes and will also accommodate the Radiation Technology and Emergency Medical Technician programs.

The College also continued its tradition of offering an outstanding program of Cultural Arts shows featuring a variety of vocal and instrumental music artists, as well as a dance troupe. The programs featured classical guitar and strings; Broadway, big band, and mariachi music; and vocalists ranging from the popular American forms of Cajun and doo-wop to Irish rock-and-roll and the Beatles, with a little opera thrown in.

Plains Regional Medical Center

Plains Regional Medical Center continues to expand their services with recruitment of physicians, nurses and other staff. They recently expanded into the new surgical center south of their current location, which has greatly enhanced making PRMC the medical hub for our entire region.

Clovis/Curry County Chamber of Commerce

The Clovis Curry County Chamber is one of the busiest places in town. Between Pioneer Days, rodeos, ribbon cuttings, board meetings, music festivals and visitors to the rock and roll museum, no one can say there is nothing to do in Clovis.

Clovis Industrial Development Corporation

Economic development is the lifeblood to any community.

Clovis Industrial Development Corporation continues to work with industry in the community and to attract businesses into our area. In 2009 they announced a $90 million dollar expansion to Southwest Cheese which would bring in an additional 50 high wage jobs to the facility. The plant currently employs over 240 full time employees. The economic impact from this expansion is forty million in additional gross receipts, and thirty seven million in additional salaries.

In October 2009 the Public Lands Commission signed an agreement that will pave the way for renewable energy development throughout the south-central United States. The Tres Amigas Superstation will be located on state trust land in Curry County and the project is projected to become the largest power conversion point in the world, creating a central trading hub for electricity in the United States. The project has the potential to bring over $1 billion in capital investment to Curry County and construction is expected to begin in late 2010 or early 2011.

Because of our potential for renewable energy, Abundant Energy, a wind turbine manufacturing company, located in Clovis in 2009.

In 2009 Governor Richardson announced the purchase of land for Cannon Air Force Base’s Melrose Bombing Range which will provide an expanded facility for training for the air force. In November 2009 it was announced by Senators Jeff Bingaman and Tom Udall that the Senate approved legislation to fund key military construction projects including seventy million dollars of construction at Cannon.

We continue to work to support our local businesses such as Ag/Dairy, BNSF, retail, manufacturing and other small businesses.


During the past year, the Clovis Municipal Airport (CVN) has not only increased its visibility as the aviation focal point of the east-central region of New Mexico but has also made headway in acquiring Federal and State support for a runway extension project. The project has been prioritized #1 by the State for this funding period. By getting the extension, we will not only increase the safety for current jet traffic but also position ourselves for enhanced air service to the East. The increase length will make it possible to accommodate a regional jet with connection to Dallas/Fort Worth.

As part of the extension plan, a connector taxiway was designed and constructed during the last year. Negotiations of terms and conditions for the relocation of FAA owned navigational equipment was also accomplished. Both were vital steps needed to proceed with the extension. Clovis Municipal was also awarded the “Most Improved Airport” for 2009 by the New Mexico Airport Manager’s Association. Airports are judged by State Aviation Division personnel for administrative expertise, long term capital improvements, maintenance and upkeep, community acceptance and support, and overall appearance.

Building Safety

The Department of Building Safety for the City of Clovis is the only municipality that had an increase in new residential construction in the state in 2009. They permitted 215 new residences this year compared to 193 last year. The value of the construction was $47,392,109. For the new commercial construction they had 10 new commercial permits for $30,061,927. For all new permits they had a grand total of a valuation of $106,778,20 which a total permit fee of $211,070 for buildings.

The Department added an electrical inspector to their staff which made them a full service department. That addition has been a great help to the city and also the contractors because of the time factor. The City now has a 24 hour turn around for most all inspections.

The Planning and Zoning Department looked at 15 preliminary plats and processed 26 final plats in 2009. There were two annexations in 2009 for the Stonebrook and Pheasant Run subdivisions.

The Code Enforcement division sent out 2,707 letters just for weeds. There were also 1448 letters for public nuisance. The total complaints and public contacts for Code Enforcement came to just over 18,000 in 2009.

Vector Control continues to do an amazing job as he covers the entire county with just one full time and one part time personnel.

5. Beautification & Downtown Revitalization

Keep Clovis Beautiful

In April 2009 the City Commission approved the creation of the Keep Clovis Beautiful Committee which replaced Clovis Pride, and the group has been working on beautification projects since that time. In 2009 the City of Clovis supported Curry County in their efforts in landscaping a median between Clovis and Cannon AFB. This committee is working diligently on beautifying the city, that includes abandoned buildings, clean up and redesign of medians, education programs, clean up days, and looking at city ordinances to help with this process.

First impressions can be lasting impressions when people first come in to our community so it is critical that we address these issues in promoting Clovis/Curry County.

The summer Yard and Business of the Month recognitions will begin in May 2010 and we would like to encourage you to contact the City if you see a property or business you think should be recognized for this award.

The Great American Cleanup will be held this Saturday at 8:00 a.m. beginning at 500 Sycamore and we invite you all to come and join in the trash cleanup. At noon there will be a ribbon cutting for the new walking trail at Greene Acres and tree plantings for Earth and Arbor Days.

Clovis MainStreet Program

In 2009 the City of Clovis remediated the former Hotel Clovis of asbestos and pigeon guano and stabilized the lead based paint at the building. The Clovis City Commission approved a developer to redevelop the Hotel Clovis and have been working closely to support the developer’s obtaining tax credits through the New Mexico Mortgage & Finance Authority to revitalize the hotel. The city received word last week that the Hotel Clovis was one of five projects to receive preliminary approval of tax credits in the state. This was exciting news. We will begin to move this process forward in hopes of making this a reality.

We held the second annual Mayor’s Ball in 2009 with almost $2,000 going to help the Clovis MainStreet. The same amount was donated to the Clovis Animal Welfare League and the United Way.

In 2009 the Clovis MainStreet program received a grant for $131,000 for streetscape improvements and did a stamped concrete finish on the sidewalk. 2009 saw some significant private investment in properties in the downtown area, including the Bank of Clovis and the property at 7th and Main.

So I think you can see that Clovis truly is a city on the move. But to continue to move, you must have visions, goals, plans of action. Things cannot happen overnight. But we can chart our course for generations to come.