Letter to the editor: Seidenwurm puts children first

While I am sure I don’t understand the details or agendas of those who are taking issue with Rhonda Seidenwurm’s leadership of our schools, there is something of which I am certain:

Wherever and whenever Seidenwurm encountered those whose agenda was to do something positive and helpful for our children, she did everything possible to support them. That has been especially true when it came to helping our area’s disadvantaged or minority children.

Last year, when we held a conference for the civic leadership of our area at Clovis Community College called Linking Arms/Linking Lives, Seidenwurm gave her voice, her efforts, and her support to a tutoring program called Whiz Kids.

She set a goal before us to have 1,000 tutors. Through her leadership, this after-school program was implemented this year with dozens of tutors helping children. All we need is more adults to make the commitment she has made to help our kids.

She has been supportive and encouraging in other programs, such as Upwards Sports, now reaching over 300 kids per year, where every child is encouraged to learn sports in a helpful, motivational and constructive way with equally balanced teams and equal playing time.

And these are only two of the many efforts she has supported.

What seems to motivate Seidenwurm is an agenda for our children that is similar to the One who said, “Permit the children to come to me; do not hinder them; for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these” (Mark 10:14).

I wonder what could happen if more of us put the best interests of our children first. Instead of the kind of meetings we have been having, we should be having more thanking Seidenwurm for working so hard for our children.