Verbal attack was without merit

By Lola Bryant: Guest columnist

I am the only Hispanic board member on the Clovis Municipal Schools Board, and as such members of the community often come to me with their concerns.

When the Concerned Citizens of Curry County (CCCC) asked to meet without Superintendent Rhonda Seidenwurm being present, alongside another board member, I agreed. While I did not wish to be disrespectful to our superintendent, I did want the group to be able to say whatever they wished to say to us without concern of being misunderstood.

As I always try to do, I listened to their concerns so that I could bring those concerns to the table. I determined that I needed to vote in our board meeting to support Seidenwurm for the remainder of her tenure here.

The data speaks for itself, and we have a larger number and a larger percentage of Hispanic administrators and supervisors in the district now than we had when Seidenwurm arrived five years ago.

I am saddened and angry that a member of the CCCC verbally attacked me Tuesday evening while I was still in the board room. He said that I was no good, that I did not support them, and that I needed God. I was also accused of “only liking the white people.”

I am insulted that anyone would think I would do anything less than what I believe to be what’s best for kids just because a member of the Hispanic community asked me to. It is an insult to me that anyone would think I would vote a particular way just because I am Hispanic, or just because I am a woman, or just because I have children in the school system.

I have been a board member for the past six years and have never been abused in such a manner.

I vote my heart, and when my heart is supported by the facts, it’s the only moral decision I can make.

Like all districts, we have problems. What makes us a good system is that we work together to solve those problems.