Letter to the editor: Stats telling in superintendent story

I read Sunday’s front-page article written by Liliana Castillo titled “School spotlight aimed at race.” I also read Lola Bryant’s guest column regarding her side of the story in her encounter with the Concerned Citizens of Curry County.

Then I recalled on May 6 reading the letter written by Alan W. Mcalister titled “Seidenwurm puts children first.”

I am an outsider looking in and following this episode and it appears to me another case where the CCCC and NAACP are doing their usual thing, which is stirring up and causing trouble in the community.

This issue is probably being agitated or instigated by someone with a chip on their shoulder for not getting the superintendent’s job.

I have found in my lifetime of working (I am retired now), that no matter what race or religion you are, it takes hard working ethics and the best qualifications to get any job of responsibility and authority. But then we have groups like ACLU, CCCC and NAACP who are constantly trying to change and tear down this system.

I’ll close by saying if you really read the statistics in the article in Sunday’s paper that relate to what has happened since Rhonda Seidenwurm came aboard, you will see absolutely no merit to these charges.