Citizens’ school concerns valid

When I first heard about Concerned Citizens of Curry County, I made the comment to my wife that David Briseno should appoint one or two members to represent the group’s concerns. Since Briseno had worked for Rhonda Seidenwurm, I was sure someone would say the motivation was revenge or a vendetta.

Also, regarding Friday’s letter to the editor headlined “Allegations are grossly overstated:”

If the writer is from the area, he would be very familiar with Briseno as I’m sure most of the city is. Mr. B (as his students and peers would call him) has been involved with many government and city organizations and is well respected. His record speaks for itself.

I can only say that I am proud to know Briseno and any concerns he has I feel are valid ones. My only recommendation is to appoint members of his organization to address their concerns to ensure there is no appearance of a vendetta.