Bulk of early comments oppose poly-carts

CNJ staff

Judging by an early review of comments, the city is meeting harsh opposition to its suggestion to switch from a bin system to a poly-cart system for trash pickup.

The poly-cart trial period has 1,727 units in use, according to a presentation available on the city’s website (cityofclovis.org). The area served includes houses in Colonial Park, along Fairway Terrace and inside an area enclosed within 21st Street and Plaza Drive and Main and Gidding streets.

The city held a public information meeting last week and sought public comment. So far, about 150 pieces of correspondence have been received by the city manager’s office.

City Manager Joe Thomas said he’s looked through the comments and is estimating for every one piece of correspondence supporting poly-carts, there are 10 in favor of keeping bins.

“It’s very unusual to find a letter supporting the poly-carts,” Thomas said.

Thomas said he could make an argument for either system. He noted that poly-carts reduce incidents of bin diving. Most of the comments against poly-carts, he said, deal with their weight when full and the problems created for Clovis’ elderly population.

The comment period is still open until June 18. A comment form is available on the cityofclovis.org website. Comments can be e-mailed to administration@cityofclovis.org or mailed to the city manager’s office at P.O. Box 760, Clovis, NM 88102-0760.

Any switch would have to be approved by the city commission. Thomas said any meeting on the subject would likely be after the public comment period is finished.

The agenda for Wednesday’s Public Works Committee meeting includes a discussion on the status of the poly-cart program and the public comment status. The meeting is scheduled for 8:30 a.m. at the meeting room in City Hall.