Press release: Clovis Municipal Schools announces education foundation grant awards

The Clovis Municipal Schools Education Foundation awarded a total of $10,900.88 in grants on May 21st for teachers and students at three Clovis schools.

The first presentation was to the Principal of Barry Elementary School, Carrie Bunce. This grant will enhance student learning at all levels and in all areas of instruction, as they will be able to purchase technologically advanced document cameras. These cameras provide an interactive visual aide as they can project images directly from books, pictures, etc. which allows teachers and students a more interactive learning process. Another grant was awarded to Wayne Marshall of Clovis High School that will involve up to 20 instructors as they use the teaming method for instruction for 10th grade students. Grant funds will be used to purchase instructional materials and professionaldevelopment training to implement this new teaching method, as well as supplies to include compasses, calculators, and books.

The third grant was awarded to Sandra Santellano, a Kindergarten teacher at Lockwood Elementary School. Her project is designed to enhance student performance in Language Arts while promoting a deeper awareness of traditions and diversity for each student based on their culture and heritage. The goal is to bring in parental involvement and knowledge while students use iPods to record and present information upon completion of their project.

The Clovis Education Foundation is totally supported through the donations of businesses and people who care about Clovis schools and desire to participate by financially supporting it. If anyone would like to be a part of this exciting program, they can contact Gayla Brumfield or Holly Stockstill at 769-1951.