May 28 Commander's Action Line

Q: Can something be done about the shrub on the intersection of Arcadia and Olympic? It blocks the view of some drivers.

A: We appreciate your bringing this safety concern to our attention. After receiving a report in early April, Base Grounds Keeping trimmed the shrub down to about half its previous size, which alleviated the problem for most large vehicles. Upon receiving a second report we again contacted BGK and now the shrub is only about one foot tall and does not obstruct anyone’s view. It is a flowering shrub, and for base beautification purposes BGK wishes to keep it in place but will work the with 27th Special Operations Wing Safety office to keep it from becoming a hazard again.

The Voluntary Protection Program office, in conjunction with Ground Safety and Civil Engineering, is not only looking at this intersection, but other intersections across base as well to see if there are other hazards that have not been identified. The results of the study will be addressed at the next Traffic Management Board. Thank you for your inputs and helping us improve safety at Cannon.