About 1,800 bikers so far attend Eagle View Rally

CNJ staff photo: Liliana Castillo Nicole Pitcock, left, and Raymond Pepin participate in a motorcycle game called “Don’t Get Me Wet” Saturday during the four-day long Eagle View Rally.

By Liliana Castillo: CNJ staff writer

A motorcycle village popped up northeast of Clovis at the Eagle View Rally, and it’s open through Memorial Day.

Organizer Melba Eagle said about 1,800 bikers and motorcycle enthusiasts had ridden through the gates by evening Saturday.

“And we have two days left,” she said, manning the entrance booth.

The event featured live music, an auction to benefit the Cannon Air Force Base’s Wounded Warriors Fund, motorcycle games, a bike rally and a trailer named Eagle pulling attendees all over the Eagle’s property.

Nicole Pitcock and Raymond Pepin, both of Clovis, participated in the game “Don’t Get Me Wet,” which has the passenger on a motorcycle holding a cup of water balanced on a board over the driver’s head while they slowly ride in circles around five cones.

“We’re having a blast,” Pepin said.

Pepin said he came out first thing Friday and Pitcock joined in Friday evening.

“This is great. It’s really wonderful,” Pitcock said. “We really need to have more like this.”

Pepin said he’s attended a large rally at Red River before and said it was fun, but Eagle View is different.

“They don’t party like this,” he said.

Vendor Aaron Davis confirmed the group partied. His stand, offering a variety of food including ribbon potatoes, Greek gyros, lemonade, and sausage, was open until 4 a.m. Saturday morning.

“I was the only one open,” he said. “And I shouldn’t have been but they kept coming. Everything quit working around four so I guessed it was time to stop.”

Part of Bryon Williams Concessions, Davis said the company operates year round, traveling from one event to another.

“I like the venue. It’s a good party scene,” he said. “It’s always a gamble with first time events because you have nothing to compare to but it’ll turn out to be profitable.”

Michael Quintero of Portales was a member of a local band called Fifth Note Heavy, which played Saturday night. He brought his Doberman pinscher, Kaine, with him.

“Dogs can have fun at a bike rally too,” Quintero said.

He came to the rally Friday to “have some fun” and came back Saturday to prepare for the show.

“The event is great,” he said. “This town needs this. I hope it grows. I hope we have it twice a year.”

Kaye Smith and her husband Ray Smith came from Altus, Okla. The more than 300-mile trip was part reunion, part celebration for the couple.

Kaye Smith grew up in Muleshoe and met up with her best friends since second grade at the rally. Ray Smith is a 21-year veteran of the Air Force.

“Well, this is a good way to honor us,” he laughed. “We figured we have a three day weekend, why not spend it here?”

The couple said they attend two or three rallies a year, at least.

“This is fantastic,” Kaye Smith said.