KICA had popular shows

By Don McAlavy: FNM columnist

KICA Mutual Broadcasting System – 1946-1949

We sincerely believe that the 22 members of the KICA staff made a real effort to do a job for the radio listeners in West Texas and eastern New Mexico. C. J. Todd, KICA’s Farm Director, arrives each morning for the 15 minute 6:30 broadcast. County Agent for 15 years, Mr. Todd is well acquainted with the farmers in eastern New Mexico and West Texas.

The “sponsor” before the “mike” is Bill Duckworth who is very popular on KICA and Clovisites love it. Among the six sponsors who broadcast their own commercials is “Bill Duckworth- druggist, former Lt. Governor of New Mexico.” He has a five minute program which consists of bits of local news, commercials spattered at random, and humor that only he can put across.

“Snoop” and “Scoop” is definitely the most popular program over KICA.

Hanging out the window and occasionally crawling out of the sill, over Woolsworth at Fourth and Main, “Snoop” and “Scoop” – alias Mac and Don, spend 10 minutes each morning discussing current bits of local news and national affairs, and calling out to individuals passing on the street below.

The program originated four years ago when one morning the scheduled transcription was broken and Mac and Don grabbed the “mike” leaped out on the window sill and began talking.

“The Friendly Philosopher” at 8:30 a.m. is a typical program of everyone’s favorite poetry and stories. Don Boles’ sincere voice with the rich tones of an organ to add to the mood has one of the largest followings at KICA.

“Radio goes into the home” with C. J. Todd, our Farm Director each Sunday, interviewing a family in West Texas or eastern New Mexico. Mr. Todd meets more and more the people living within this radius.

The “Woman of the Week” is brought before the microphone each Friday at 10 a.m. during the women’s show “It’s A Woman’s World” with Sally Shuttleworth. This program containing, fashion news mostly, with bits of menu planning, and interviews is brought to the audience at 10 a.m. Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The audience selects the Woman of the Week, and the Child of the Week.

Norman Petty, KICA’S popular disc jockey, brings “Musical Mailbag” to the air twice daily. The first portion of this all request program begins at 2:30 p.m. and ends at 3 p.m., while the second half-hour portion begins at 4 p.m. Popular with all the high school youngsters, Norman finds that many of his request are coming from housewives as well.

Kathryn “Scoop” Bomar with 12 years of newspaper experience is one of the busiest little gals at KICA. The boss of course is none other than R.B. McAlister!