Letter to the editor: Illegal aliens don’t belong in U.S.

I’d like to address the problem of illegal immigrants. I don’t like the way so many of them cross our borders for whatever reasons — at first, for a temporary job, but then they stay for years illegally receiving free schooling, hospital care, etc.

Furthermore, many can’t read or speak English, so we have to provide many costly multi-language documents at the expense of the American citizen. Eventually we grant them amnesty citizenship papers. This is not fair to the American taxpayers and to immigrants who filed properly.

We Americans are very proud of our country. It cost a great deal to provide freedom, liberty and financial success for our American families.

History reflects many dear American lives were lost in defending ourselves against enemies who want to kill Americans. Is our overspending and indebtedness to help others threatening our very existence?

We cannot allow these enemies to enter our borders to do harm to our country. We do not allow strangers into our home.

Our borders protect our country home. You cannot enter it without proper citizenship papers. Furthermore, you should complete these papers learning how to speak and read our language to be American citizens.

Let’s vote for a Congress that will serve our American families.