Matt 25, United Way seeking fan donations

Freedom New Mexico: Clarence Plank Matt 25 Hope Center Administrative Assistant Terry Osborne carries a fan Thursday donated for a needy family to keep cool this summer.

By Clarence Plank: Freedom New Mexico

United Way of Eastern New Mexico and Matt 25 Hope Center are teaming up to help Curry and Roosevelt county residents in need stay cool over the summer.

The agencies are asking for donations of fans or air conditioners to beat the heat.

“There were a lot of requests for it last year,” said Terry Osborne, administration assistant for Matt 25 Hope Center. “We started receiving requests for fans at Matt 25 and that was when we decided to partner with the United Way.”

Fans or air conditioners can be dropped off at United Way or Matt 25, both at 1200 Thornton St. in Clovis.

Osborne said fans and air conditioners must be either new or in good working condition.

“A couple of people have come in just hug you,” Osborne said. “They were either pregnant or had little ones in the house. They say you just don’t how much of a lifesaver this is for one simple little box fan.”

“As a part of our partnership,” said Patricia Bazar, a United Way associate, “the United Way asks for the fans and Matt 25 stores them until someone calls in asking for a donation. So they (Matt 25) have been handling the list of people who need fans.”

There are 17 people on a waiting list for fans. Eight fans have been given out already along with one evaporative cooler.

Osborne said once a fan comes in the door it is quickly donated to a needy family.

“Some people are looking for something more then just a box fan, but that all depends on the donors and what they bring in.”

“If they need something to help cool them down we don’t care what their situation is,” Bazar said. “We want to help everyone that we can.”