School board to call two candidates back for further interviews

CNJ staff

The Clovis Municipal Schools board of education decided Tuesday to call back two of the four candidates for superintendent for further interviews.

Mount Pleasant Independent School District Superintendent Terry Myers and Wichita Falls Independent School District Assistant Superintendent Tim Powers will return for interviews Monday and Wednesday.

Powers, 55, said he was impressed with the board.

“I was impressed with their line of questions and their personalities. They were easy to talk to. It’s a great compliment to be called back,” he said.

The Mount Pleasant Independent School District serves 14,500 students, over 6,000 more than Clovis.

Myers, 54, said he is excited to be called back.

“I visited with 20 people during my day and a half visit and everyone is supportive of Clovis schools, and that’s exciting to me as a superintendent,” he said.

The board will interview Powers at 5:30 p.m. Monday at the administration board room and Myers 5:30 p.m. Wednesday at the administration board room.

Both interviews will be conducted in closed executive session.