Voluntary separation, retirement deadlines near

Air Force Personnel Center Public Affairs Office

RANDOLPH AIR FORCE BASE, Texas — As the window to voluntarily separate or retire closes, Air Force officials urge airmen impacted by force management who are interested in transitioning from the active-duty force to do so quickly before the cutoff dates later this month.

“Volunteering ahead of retention boards will give officers more time to decide when to separate or retire,” said Lt. Col. Dewey DuHadway, the deputy chief for the Air Force Military Force Policy Division. “In addition, officers eligible for the reduction in force board who volunteer to separate before the cutoff date will receive voluntary separation pay.”

Selective early retirement board-eligible officers who volunteer to retire may do so through May 1, 2011, allowing an additional five months for transition. If officers choose not to retire voluntarily and are selected by the SERB, they must retire by Jan. 1, 2011.

“SERB-eligible officers are highly encouraged to consider applying for voluntary retirement before the board convenes,” DuHadway said. “The opportunity to voluntarily retire ends June 28. The SERB will meet July 19 and may select 30 percent of all remaining eligible officers in each competitive category for early retirement.”

Officers who are in overmanned career fields and are separated by the reduction in force board, scheduled Sept. 20, will receive full separation pay. As a financial incentive, vulnerable officers who make the decision by June 30 to separate voluntarily can receive VSP at two times full separation pay. Officials recently extended the voluntary application period through July 31 for eligible officers to receive VSP. However, officers who apply after June 30 will receive one and a half times full separation pay.

The force shaping board Sept. 27 will determine retention of probationary officers in the 61C (Chemist/biologist) and 71S (Special investigations) Air Force specialties for the 2006 year group as well as in the 15W (Weather), 61A (Operations research) and 61B (Behavioral scientist) specialties for the 2007 year group.

Airmen who leave active duty are encouraged to consider opportunities for service in the Air Force Reserve, Air National Guard and civil service. Airman and Family Readiness Centers offer transition assistance planning and veterans benefits seminars to aid airmen in the transition.

For more information on force management initiatives and application procedures, visit the Air Force Personnel Center personnel services website or call the Total Force Service Center at 800-525-0102.