Letters to the editor: School site should be questioned

School site should be questioned

Regarding recent controversy on location of a new Clovis middle school:

Hmm, let’s see here. The school district already owns land within city limits on which to build a new middle school. Utilities, roads and such are in place.

A developer generously donates 40 acres of land outside the city limits on which to build the middle school, surrounded by land on which he wishes to develop housing. The payment for infrastructure for the new school is justified by the fact that the area will have additional customers when it is developed.

Who is it that benefits from the situation? Surely not the taxpayers who will pay for the developer’s infrastructure.

Think about it.

Diana Elliott


Community has many activities, friendly people

I want to say thank you to the residents of Clovis.

My family and I have experienced the most amazing three weeks in this wonderful town. The people of Clovis have been friendly, polite, kind and generous. They offer so much I am amazed — from summer programs at your library, to classes for kids at Clovis Community College, to pottery making on Main Street.

I have had my nails done by the cosmetology students at CCC. I have found shopping on Main Street to be exciting. I love that the community is so warm to those of us that are outsiders.

I cannot tell you how lucky the 27th Special Operations Wing is to be here. Clovis is an amazing town.

My only suggestion would be: clean up and remove all the old buildings and trash on the highway leading into Clovis. This would give Clovis a wonderful first impression and reflect the marvelous people that live here.

We love visiting.

Julie Isom

Fort Walton Beach, Fla.