Letter to the editor: Middle school design innovative

Have you noticed new home development in Clovis has produced neighborhoods that look like rows of corn — straight-line streets, no wasted space, no green park areas, nothing to break the monotony? Most new construction areas are laid out this way. Developers want the highest density per acre.

However, those who donated 40 acres for a future middle school have spent good money on engineering and research for a more pleasing and functional neighborhood. I’ve seen their proposal. It’s beautiful! At last, a neighborhood with pleasantly curved streets, dedicated areas for walking and playing, and a school to accommodate growth in northeast Clovis.

When I came here in 1997, I read our city development plan. It did not address the area north of Wilhite because planners did not believe the city would grow that far. I laughed!

Those complaining about the developers of the donated school site are still thinking that same limited way. Other city-owned sites for a middle school are near to existing schools, but there is no site at the north edge of town to accommodate the growth we are experiencing there. Infrastructure can be built to keep us growing at less cost there than on the west side as there is already sufficient sewer line capacity for growth.

The planned project is forward looking, innovative, and will enhance the quality of life. It sets a higher standard for new developments so that the reputation of Clovis among newcomers will improve. This will help meet future needs for residential housing. The cost of extending city utilities to this proposed neighborhood, a beautiful well planned one with space that improves the quality of life, might not be a half-bad investment. I think it’s a great idea.