Christ only secure foundation for your soul

Judy Brandon: Religion columnist

Remember those Lincoln Logs? I was surprised to see a cylinder box of Lincoln Logs on a store shelf and that triggered some memories of my parents’ seminary days when Susie and I spent much time with Grandma Wells.

The seminary daycare was located in the middle of campus in the basement of the administration building. Grandma Wells was sole supervisor and in her charge were children whose parents were in seminary classes.

The basement daycare was an array of little tables and chairs. Stacked on shelves on the wall were toys and games. But the pastime I remember the most was playing with the other children and Lincoln Logs. During the winter months in Kansas City as cold winds and snow blew across the campus, Susie and I and two dozen other kids were safe, secure and happy in the basement of the administration building playing with Lincoln Logs.

With those little blocks made to resemble wood logs, we could put together houses, schools, buildings and mostly churches (because all the kids were preacher’s kids!).

We could fabricate make believe dwellings that could only come from the imaginations of six year olds. Those logs entertained us for hours.

Then, when it came time to go home, we took them apart with just a short knock of our hands and the Lincoln Logs would scatter.

Those little pretend buildings we made crumbled in an instant with a tap of the hand. Those make believe buildings we constructed took much time to put together but just seconds to tear down. They did not last.

Maybe there is a parallel with what we try to build in our lives.

What do we spend the majority of our time on? We all put faith and trust in the things we build. Think about massive skyscrapers. They seem indestructible. Yet, Charlie and I visited New York City three years ago, and it verified again that structures made with man’s hands can be gone in hours. When we viewed Ground Zero where the Twin Towers once stood and the gaping hole where construction goes on constantly, it caused us to think about again what once stood there.

Some lose their homes by fire, earthquake and other disasters. Clovis experienced a tornado that ripped a city apart.

Sometimes family members lose their livelihood. People get sick and lose their jobs. One day life is normal and the next day it has changed forever. We all will at times face personal crisis in our lives and our lives begin to crumble.

But the good news is that hope and faith in God provides a support system that will not waiver or crumble with time. So the psalmist’s words of centuries ago are still relevant: “God is our refuge and strength, an ever present hope in trouble. Therefore we not fear thought the earth give way and the mountains fall into the sea.” Psalms 46:1

Much time has passed since I played with the Lincoln Logs. But Lincoln Logs are still around today.

I suppose it proves that children still get a thrill out of erecting something. But the point to ponder is this. We may feel safe and secure today in the structures of our lives.

But stop and think: What is the basis of your hope? What is the monument of your trust?

Make sure your foundation is secure and that only secure foundation is Christ.

Judy Brandon is a Clovis resident. Contact her at: