Letter to editor: Dead trees liability

For more than three years I have asked to have a dead elm tree at the corner of 14th and Sheldon streets removed.

It has been dead for so long that all the outer branches have broken off. Each passing day increases the load on the remaining branches poised over the stop sign and sidewalk located there.

The city and the power company have been made aware of this. Yet, it’s still there. It will remain there until someone gets injured or killed. The obvious question is why?

Our city is riddled with dead trees and branches over our streets and sidewalks. All of them have the same potential and liability for the city. Now being a practical person it would seem logical to eliminate these hazards.

The city’s approach is cut them down and put them in the landfill.

That’s expensive and wasteful. A private company could bid on the work, sell the wood and chip the rest. This would save the city manpower and equipment upkeep.

Just a thought.