Military mama: Family most important duty for Air Force wife

I’ve been “married to the Air Force” for six years now, and a mommy for 4 1/2 years.

Yet, I still would consider myself as a mediocre military mom at best.

I’m not a cook, unless it comes from a box with a recipe. I tend to be at a loss in the kitchen.

I can’t keep plants alive, yet have nourished a plentiful harvest of dust bunnies.

My home’s “clean” is cluttered and mildly chaotic. The only “stripes” that I’ve earned in motherhood are stretchmarks.

Yet, I must be doing something right because I have three beautiful children and a handsome, loving husband. (All of which are relatively normal and highly entertaining.)

My kids are clothed. Their outfits come close to coordinating when Mommy is allowed to help. They have full bellies and soft beds. They even bathe regularly.

I hold down the fort when my husband is away and have not burned down the house or locked myself out (too many times, at least.) I have not yet lost my mind entirely, which is huge considering my company: Kaleb, our 4-year-old spitfire; and our twins, Aidan and Brooklyn who are full of squeals, giggles and wiggles at 5 months old. Through all of the chaos they are the light of my life.

As for my role as an AF wife, I’m patient and supportive. I adapt to schedule changes and sudden TDYs without too much grumbling. I have learned to sew on patches quite well. I keep my husband more socially active than he’d ever attempt (or desire) to be without my nudging. And most of all I can laugh at myself, through my moments of triumph and shame.

I look to these amazing “military wives” who have the perfect houses, the perfect children and attend all of the socials — even coordinating events in their homes. Hostess duty for me consists of downing a Twinkie or two. I am envious, but exhausted for them. I often get so inspired I will perform an act of service and take the nap that they have been neglecting (on their behalf, of course).

I hope you will share a few moments with me each week with this column. Because that means you’re taking a moment or two to sit down and read, breathe, and maybe even have a chuckle or two. Heaven knows a few minutes of “me time” can make all of the difference in a hectic day.