Internet big part of my lifestyle

When I first dipped my toes into the Internet nearly two decades ago

I figured it was likely just a fad.

I think my first clue that it had become more than a fad was when my mother expressed an interest in getting online. These days there are a few holdouts who don’t use the Internet at home but darn near everyone is exposed to it in some way or another either through work, business association or family.

A couple of weeks ago I even got the on-call service technician out in the middle of the night after a lightning strike knocked out my Internet service. I didn’t have the Web to check facts and I couldn’t e-mail the finished product into the boss. Whatever would I do? I did the same thing my stringers had done for years, I dropped the column off in person.

My first use of the Internet in relation to the newspaper business was when the company I worked for quit using the fax machine and the U.S. Mail to send correspondence. The thing I noticed first was corporate types could fire off dictates, suggestions and management drivel and a more rapid volume. Increasing the speed of communication between myself and my bosses didn’t seem like a great thing but the e-mails kept coming in larger and larger volume until one day an e-mail dictate proclaimed that the newspaper would go online with it’s own website.

These days I have to admit most of my newspaper reading is done online, I’m not sure I read it sooner in the day but it is convenient and free. I do miss sitting over the papers and coffee at a diner or caf