Letters to the editor: This particular angel was blonde

This particular angel was blonde

How do you say thank you to an angel?

Recently when I was ready to go to church, I couldn’t find my car keys. I hunted frantically thinking I should remember where I put them. I finally found the extra set I had hidden. (Wait until you get my age — it’s going to happen to you!)

Going down 14th Street, I stopped at Sycamore Street. While waiting on traffic, a person in a little black car beeped at me three times.

I continued to Prince Street, where I was beeped at again by the same car.

I could only think someone was experiencing road rage because a little old lady was observing traffic rules.

At Main Street, the light turned red and I stopped and there was more beeping. The little black car’s door opened and out stepped a blonde young lady. She went to the back of my car and then to the driver’s door.

Carefully, I opened my door, not knowing what to expect. She handed me my keys and said “These were riding on your trunk.” Then she drove away.

I’ve never been so thankful and happy to see a blonde angel.