Letter to the editor: Elections will raise serious issues

Elections will raise serious issues

As we come upon the elections there are three questions I would ask of any candidate:

• What do they intend to do about the 250,000 homeless vets who are the heroes of the Democrat wars of the 20th century? Especially the 90,000 who have terminal illness and need Hospice care? Toss the cowardly selfish quislings out of government and let’s get the heroes into homes.

• How do you intend to deal with the Mexican invasion? But don’t kid yourselves Americans — if we can’t stand a fight against the 9-11 murderers, will we have the stomach to see U.S. troops forced to shoot women, children, and old folks coming across from Mexico? Especially when the media starts counting body bags and doing exaggerated crap about the conflict?

• Where do you stand on America’s right to determine our own destiny as a sovereign nation? Do you think Americans should follow the Constitution or should we let the Globalist Left via the United Nations determine our destiny so we can be “popular?”