Letters to the editor: Time to do away with golf course

Time to do away with golf course

Despite being one of the most passionate golfers in Clovis, I am in favor of doing away with our Clovis Municipal Golf Course.

It is obviously losing money that our city government needs. There is no way it could be making money; if it is, the city is not putting the money back into the golf course.

The city zoo, natatorium, Hillcrest Park, softball fields and the soccer complex could all have more space if we do away with the city golf course.

The golf course is over 80 years old. My gosh, it was built when golfers were using wooden shafted clubs. The design and character of our city golf course is as outdated as those obsolete wooden shafted clubs.

The golfers who patronize the city golf course should make the ultimate sacrifice and be willing to play at the other three golf courses in the Clovis area.

I would hope the extra revenue generated for the other three courses would be used by the people in charge to improve their facilities.

Our city government obviously doesn’t have the resources or the vision to ever come up with the finances to provide the golfers of Clovis with anything but a ghetto golf course.

Mike Majors