Clovis streets unsafe for bicyclists

Clovis streets unsafe for bicyclists

As a citizen who prefers to ride a bicycle instead of taking my car everywhere in town, I must make a complaint about Clovis’ profound lack of safe non-motorized vehicle paths.

Most of the major roadways are simply impossible for a cyclist. But there are major arterials throughout town that could become safe bicycle paths if even the most cursory attention were paid.

Fourteenth Street, for example, is a large arterial, providing east-west access to almost anywhere in Clovis. The street is wide enough to easily accommodate two lanes of motorist traffic and cyclists.

However, there are no boundary lines painted on the shoulders of the road. As such, motorists tend to drive next to the curbs, instead of next to the center line.

In other words, there is 7 to 8 feet of space between passing cars.

I have been run off the road and nearly hit many times. Bicyclists are not supposed to use sidewalks for riding, but even if they wanted to, sidewalks are few and far between.

Bicycling is not only an excellent form of exercise and good for the environment, everything in Clovis can be reached comfortably on a bicycle.

The best solution would be to have designated bicycle paths on all roadways, but that would be too costly.

What I propose is painting boundary or “shoulder” lines on every roadway in Clovis in which there is available space. This seems a small price to pay to allow citizens the right to safely travel by means other than motor vehicle. Otherwise, there will be accidents and injuries.

I am a grown adult and an experienced bicyclist, but if a child were attempting to ride around town, there is the very real possibility of a fatality.