Club notes — Aug. 22

Encanto Garden Club

The August activity of Encanto Garden Club was held in the flower show booth at the Curry County fair home arts building.

Entries from throughout Curry County were accepted from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Monday. A down-pour of rain early that morning prevented several prospective exhibitors from retrieving the specimens from their gardens.

Club members were impressed by the many entries brought in by juniors. Helen Martinez, the flower show superintendent, decorated the booth and arranged the work schedule for accepting and judging entries.

An “Award of Merit” was presented by Encanto to the best of the blue ribbon winners, including the juniors. Exhibitors were encouraged to attend the monthly Encanto meetings held in the mornings on every second Tuesday of the month

Members involved in this annual activity were Helen Martinez, Narcie Tucker, Cleo Duran, Jacque Wuest, Bess Kline, Melba Ramos, and Barbara Vogues. Information: Jacque Wuest at 762-6955.