Magician to perform at ENMU

Courtesy photo Josh McVicar, dubbed McVicker the Trickster, will perform Thursday night at Eastern New Mexico University.

Kevin Wilson

Most kids get asked what they want to do when they grow up. Josh McVicar was doing it before he grew up.

“The only thing I’ve ever done in my life was magic,” said the St. Louis-based McVicar, who will perform Thursday at Eastern New Mexico University. “It was my first job, doing it at a restaurant (at 16 years old). I realized it was the only thing I was every going to do because I loved it so much.”

The show is scheduled for 8 p.m. at the Campus Union Building Ballroom.

Though he advertises himself across the country as both a hypnotist and magician, Portales will mainly see McVicar the Trickster in his magician act. He said either show works well with a college audience, and he likes to inject comedy into anything he does.

“It’s fun to fool people, but it’s more enjoying to have connection with the audience,” McVicar said. “I always like a laugh.”

He does shows for high schools and corporate functions, but his schedule is heavy with shows at universities. Following his show in Portales, he’ll do six September events, and five of them are shows for college students.

“I try to put things more on a college level,” McVicar said of his routine. “They are adults, so they wouldn’t get a schoolchildren show. But depending on the college and their rules, I’ll do more clean stuff.”

For this show, McVicar said he has a goal to pull a lot of audience members up. He likes doing up-close magic, and pickpocketing is one of his favorite skills to use for humor.